This I Want to Remember

One of my bestie forever girlfriends came this past weekend....3 days! It was amazing.  I have not a picture, but memories in my head I don't want to soon forget.  Like the mere fact that she came.  She left her family and came to help me and my family, while the Husband traveled for work.  She arrived and within minutes was playing Chutes and Ladders, answering questions, handing out snacks, and starting on laundry.  I don't  think she had even peed yet.

She held my baby.  Changed diapers.  Cooked dinner.  Cleaned dishes.  Made cookies with 6 helping hands.

She gave me wonderful conversation everytime I nursed and all the time inbetween.  I don't think we really finished any conversation, but never stopped talking.

We ventured out of the house one time.  And that was a memory in and of itself.  It took us about an hour to actually exit the house. Before we even left we had already decided picking up our lunch to-go was going to be a better bet than entering a restaurant with all of us.  Somehow the boys turned this into 'we're going to a park' to eat and scooters were thrown in the van.  Super yummy lunch was picked up and park turned into green grass at nearby campus which turned into attempting to eat with high chilly winds, paper products flying, food tipping, boys peeing on trees, baby crying, boys riding scooters and bikes down hill we can't see, mom who just delivered baby trying to run after boy, bestie girlfriend swinging car seat with crying baby while holding trash so as not to blow away, we are leaving now, crying boys back in van........

Drove away as Brody says, "We could've just eaten at home."  Smart kid. But I'm still glad we went out.

I want to remember it all.  Her visit.  The conversation.  Her help.  Her heart.  And how beautiful friendship can be as we let it grow and become throughout life.

I have no choice but to call myself blessed.  I hope I give back as so many girlfriends keep giving to me.


  1. hahaha! i snorted when i read brody's comment! lol! sounds like so much fun. how many times did you say "this is our life" or "we are moms" LOL!! i was praying for you girlies all weekend.

    1. so sweet ames! wish we could all be together..just one time, it would be fun.

  2. What a wonderful gift she gave you, and I'm sure she felt blessed to be able to help you and just be with you and your wonderful boys.

  3. Awesome Julie! So glad to hear your friends are getting together with you helping and creating lasting memories to cherish! Miss you lots and are continually in my thoughts and heart. : )


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