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The End.

I love writing.  I write mostly to Jesus.  I write and I write and I write.

He listens.  So well.

And then He gently turns my fist-pumping confusion, questions, prayers for mercy, and praise for who He is amidst the darkness.  He gently turns it all toward Him.  About Him.

And so I love writing.  I hated grammar, English and Literature every single day of high school in college.  I never finished one book and got poor grades in Writing.  But at the age of 19, I met Jesus.  He sought me out and opened my closed tight heart.  I met Him and started writing in journals and haven't quit since.

When I started having babies and going through the adventures of being a military wife, I started blogging.  I was lonely.  Never alone, just lonely.  Whether it was a deployment, nap time, evenings all by myself, or a longing for intellectual thought outside of Little People....I began blogging.

But now it has ended.

My little, very small, part of blog world is coming to a close.

I blogge…

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