Lucas Turned Six

This boy is fun.  He tells jokes.  He purposes to make people laugh and loves to join in and laugh with you.  He turned six awhile back and it was fun, of course!

But the thing with Lucas is that if you get him alone (which is rare), and you're so lucky to have him open his heart and mind to you.  He will talk deeply about concerns, hurts, fears, and all the people he loves.  He bottles up quite a bit and it pains my heart to see him suppress life in hopes of being as big as his hero. I watch him at night as he sleeps, I lay my hand across his head and I pray boldly for his joy to be used for goodness.  For his love of others to be used for Jesus.  That he would know how dearly loved he is and that he need only be Lucas, for that will always be enough.  I pray for protection around his mind and that he would pursue truth for answers.  I pray for him to be a leader.  

He is a loyal, caring friend.  He remembers names of people.  He notices people.  

We celebrated at a park with many friends.  

We love you, Lucas.  Happy 6th Birthday.  Enjoy the year ahead of you.  I can't wait to watch you keep growing in love, working out your heart with Jesus, and laughing....always laughing with you! 


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