Top 10 Things I Speak that prove I'm raising a house of BOYS

10. Wow! That's so brave when you jump from there.
9. Where are your underwear?
8. Stop chewing with your mouth wide open, please sit up at the table, and stop shoving the food in your mouth. It's not a race.
7. Let's build an invention with our Tinker Toys; not guns, swords or knives.
6. I love you, too, buddy.
5. Just because Mommy's sitting on the floor does not mean I want to be tackled and pushed over.
4. I know your trucks are crashing each other, but please don't throw them at the wall.
3. Out, out of the kitchen. The kitchen is closed, no you may not have more food. No, you are not starving. Out, I say!
2. What are you doing with that rope tied around the laundry basket and your baby brother inside it?
1. When singing Banana Fanana Bo Banana, please stop using the words penis, pee-pee, and poopy. Paaaaleeeeez!


  1. hahhahahahaaaaaa! I LOVE it! My favorite is the last! Praise God for our little guys!

  2. Cute! I can relate to #5--and without warning, too.

  3. LOVE this! how funny! i'm totally going to come up with a "top 10" for my girls. :)

  4. oops..that's jaime (not corey)

  5. Love it. LOVE it. Oh, girl, I am SO there...

  6. Julz, I wish I would have wrote these kinds of things down when raising boys and a sweet little girl like you! The only thing I can relate to is Dustin's first words after coma..... Poophead or poopface and he was 4 1/2 .... so I think some things don't change with time. Ha. Much Love and I love your blog writings!

  7. Okay, I have no idea why I have a new name.... I must have been trying something out at one point and messed it up.

  8. YES!! I am not alone!! I am not sure if you remember me or not...Kasey Wojtek. We moved from Corpus about a year and a half ago and attended Oso Creek. I was looking around at blogs to get ideas because we just started our family blog. I came across yours through some other creekers. We also have three boys. Thank you SO much for the much needed laugh! I can completely relate!


  9. LOL! Right there with you!

    My son has now just started using the vacuum cleaner hose as a rifle! A rifle! (He loves Roy Rodgers).

  10. As a fellow mom of 3 boys, I'm relating to every single one of these.

    Also, "No I do not want to see your pee pee", "Stop spitting on the dog", It's not wrestle time, that's later" and "yes, I am proud of your giant poop".

  11. Truly that is awesome. Mom of two little boys here. My youngest likes to take anything remotely close to long and round and make a bat out of it.


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