The End.

I love writing.  I write mostly to Jesus.  I write and I write and I write.

He listens.  So well.

And then He gently turns my fist-pumping confusion, questions, prayers for mercy, and praise for who He is amidst the darkness.  He gently turns it all toward Him.  About Him.

And so I love writing.  I hated grammar, English and Literature every single day of high school in college.  I never finished one book and got poor grades in Writing.  But at the age of 19, I met Jesus.  He sought me out and opened my closed tight heart.  I met Him and started writing in journals and haven't quit since.

When I started having babies and going through the adventures of being a military wife, I started blogging.  I was lonely.  Never alone, just lonely.  Whether it was a deployment, nap time, evenings all by myself, or a longing for intellectual thought outside of Little People....I began blogging.

But now it has ended.

My little, very small, part of blog world is coming to a close.

I blogged before blogs were cool and twitter and facebook and pinterest and.........

they did not exist, or were just barely existing.

And now I am delightfully done.

I now have a packed day of intellectual thought from bright exhausting elementary students.  I still change diapers and read books to my 4 year old.  I also make time for my husband, and our home, and real beautiful people I can hug and touch their face in our home church.

And most days we fight for time to just play, laugh and rest.

I now understand what elder moms told me when all my babies were little. They said it'll always be exhausting and hard, just a different kind of exhaustion.  Enjoy those little years.

They were right.  They are right.

In place of blogging, I've been building simple digital photobooks, actually printing them and having them for the boys to look at and remember their baby years.  I'm working on iphoto slide shows that document our family's journey.  I read and read and read books.  I hold my baby and cry as I watch my sons grow forward into boyhood.

And so I say thank you.  Thank you for reading, for commenting, for encouraging, for praying.

I love blogging.  But for now, it's the end.  And I just don't want to leave you hangin', wondering if I'll return randomly with a post.

I'm not.

I'm living life.  And I plan on making it a beautiful one.


  1. :( i will miss you here.. though small it was still a connection. feel like all ours have been hard to maintain even though they are so strikingly similar. just so you know, i read your blog, not all the time, before it was cool. your journey documented is one that slowly encouraged me to start my own. it's something i like doing, only when i do it for me... no pressure. no guilt. it's funny how a friend's thoughts can still make me question my own.. was what i posted just now about some silly centerpiece really interesting to anyone? did i waste my time? should i be reading instead? respectful of your decision of course.. mindful of zeph 3:17 for me. hugs.

    1. I encourage you to most definitely keep blogging! It's a beautiful way to document life and the little things. Thank you for your kind words, may your Christmas season be richly blessed!

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  3. Way back, when I was still in college, and had just met you, I used to blog on xanga. Unfortunately not many blogged on xanga, and it was many years until I chose "blogger", and found you writing. In this past year of beginning motherhood I have found your writings to be a great encouragement, so much so that I have even gone back to your very first posts and read through them. I understand your purposes for not choosing to keep up with the blog, and of course you are living life. That is one of the great threads throughout your ponderings, you relay life being lived. I am sad to see you stop writing. I know it's silly, but through your writings I feel like your friend again, even though we don't live in the same town, haven't for many years, and probably never will. Hopefully I'll still hear from you from time to time. Many blessings friend. :) and know that your writings haven't only been used for you, but by The Lord as encouragement for others, such as myself :)

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth. I am so glad to hear of my words being used for gracious purpose in your life, especially as a Mom. Really grateful. You are a beautiful Mom and I pray right now you find worship in the mess of mothering. Be sweetly blessed.

  4. Love you, Julie! You are an amazing Godly woman, friend, wife, and mom. : )


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