my fourth baby

He's just so sweet.  Our little Coen.  And there's no doubt he's my fourth baby.  Not just a fourth baby, but a babe that came 3 1/2 years after my previous baby.  I hadn't changed a diaper in over a year when he came.  And he is well loved, adored and simply embraced.

For me, he's my fourth baby because he's almost 12 weeks old and he's yet to take a nap not in my arms or at least fall asleep in my arms before being put down. I really can't tell you often he sleeps during the day, when he sleeps, or how many naps he currently takes.  It's so freeing to just love him and watch him unfold.  Discovering all that surrounds him, discovering us.

Like all my babies have, he teaches me.  Always more about God and His infinite love for us.  His patience with us, His grace surrounding us, His comfort and compassion that crowns us.


  1. you spoke my heart towards my baby this time around. so completely freeing. and knowing i wouldn't be here without being "there" the first time around.
    your boys are adorable.
    love and hugs!!

  2. Hi Julie,
    Your 4th son is SO cute and adorable! You have the cutest children... : ) I just can't believe how fast they are growing and what beautiful men of God they will be. Love you and miss you!


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