Musings of the Tired, but So Thankful

I just had a friend come over for 2 hours and clean my house, right down to the toilets.  What?

Yes, I have those kind of friends.

Coen is 3 weeks old and we just had to cook our first dinner.  3 weeks of meals were provided for us!  Most of them not even requested.  People just kept calling, texting, emailing.....hooking us up with dinner.  And we have about 5 in the freezer.  Holler!

Lucas' basketball season is over.  But he is requesting to keep playing, he loved it and we loved watching him.  And I love that he still waves to me from the court, and I wave nice and big back.  'Cause one day he won't wave.

Brody competed in his first BMX race.  The real deal.  He won 2nd place!  Woot! The boy was excited.  So proud of him for trying something completely different and not the normal sport choice for a boy his age.  It's something he has always wanted to do. I've been looking up BMX tracks in different states, making sure this X-games' sport will travel with this.  It's looking hopeful!

So thankful for my husband who takes the boys on runs, bike rides and swims when they need physical outlet; and I'm just not able to offer that lots right now.

Coen has bright blue eyes....just like his Daddy and big bro Lucas.  This was just what Lucas was hoping and praying we have 2 brown eyed boys and 2 blue eyed boys.  Even steven.

We've changed a large amount of boy diapers in our time.  Random things I think about in the middle of the night.

And soon I will post a few pics to go with each of these events.  By soon....I mean maybe this year.


  1. whoever your friend is, I love her!

  2. *What a great community you have around you.

    *Love the perfect mix of blue and brown in the family eye color. It's like a DNA probability lesson right in your own gene pool. :)

    *Those BMX races sound awesome! Well done, B!


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