Week One: Life with our Newborn

We made it.  Week one home with our littlest boy, and it has been beautiful.  He does all things a new babe should do, and each moment is precious.  He is a gift, and we are so very thankful.  He entered the world peacefully and beautifully.  

The 3 big boys are doing amazing with him.  They love him. Eli is a bit concerned about him, the crying, the nursing, the constant holding; but he loves him all the same.  And being a big brother is a whole new role for him.  

the boys insisted on a 'birth'day cake the night we brought him home from the hospital.  Coen was very excited about it, as you can see.  

We are so thankful for this time with our sweet baby boy.  Thankful for the immense amount of prayer and support throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery.  Thankful for our local friends who treat us like family with love, meals, and great help.  Thankful for our home on base, close to what we need when a trip to the store can feel impossible right now.  Thankful for my husband who leads us with humor when we need it, loves me with grace and patience, and I'm purely in love with him. Thankful our hope is in the unchanging love and foundation of Jesus.  So glad He arises with us each morning and never slumbers.  His love compels me to joy amidst chaos.  

We are smitten. 


  1. stunningly beautiful family, sweet girl. lots of testosterone and love. hugs to you all.

    Mama M.

  2. Love you! Love ALL of you SO much. Love this post! What a great picture at the end of little Coen! Love You!

  3. how sweet. such a precious time with the family. i'm welling up here looking at all your beautiful boys. your love for them. reading your words. how far God brings us. how far we've come Sista! love you.

    1. if only we could play together! You would be in charge of crafts. love you!

  4. would love to play & craft!! would love to watch all the boys and addie hold her own! would love to talk. work jax orders. i have a feeling we'll be there for ever and ever Amen.

  5. Thanking God for all of you!


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