Update on This Pregnancy

Besides this question, I mostly get asked, "How are you feeling?" So before I blink and this pregnancy is over, I thought I'd capture the answer here.  For me to remember, and you, if you're interested.

I've had a beautiful pregnancy.

I've eaten well almost the entire pregnancy, some out of conviction, but most thankfully out of what just sounded good.

Up until the last 3 weeks, when Fritos, chocolate and any thing covered in sugar sounds completely wonderful.  It's been a bit harder and lots of self-control to stay eating well for this baby.  It really is amazing how much it effects how I feel each day based on what I've eaten.

The boys have been amazing throughout the pregnancy.  It's my first pregnancy with no one in diapers, no one napping, and three very trained boys to play by themselves if needed....while I nap or just sit down.

Also, having specifically a 7yr old and a 5yr old.....I can continually throw out, "Do you think your strong enough to carry that for Mommy?"  I have instant helpers, who really do....help!

Our fourth son will be here in less than 2 weeks.  I would say we're less ready than we've ever been.  The car seat is completely cleaned and sanitized, but still sitting in a back room....not yet in the van.  I'm sure there's plenty we forgot to buy or just completely forgot we even need.  I had to google what to put in a hospital bag, cause I really couldn't recall what was important.  We have diapers, drawers full of freshly washed onesies and sleepers.  I hope our baby washcloths aren't completely in shreds.

But we do have peace.  And hope.  And excitement.  We have patient arms ready to hold screaming baby.  And we know there's going to be really bad days.  And with that we also know tomorrow will be a new one, and eventually screaming baby will stop and we will sleep again.  We are so excited to welcome this baby into our family.  This miracle.  Our baby.

So in feeling completely not ready, perhaps we're more ready than we've ever been.  'Cause I sit in peace in his current empty room and rock in the chair, and I know that reading all the books and buying all the gear will never prepare you, prepare me, to hold a fresh baby and hear his cry for need.

We are ready.  And waiting.  Come soon fourth son.  We can't wait to meet you.


  1. Fun read! I love this post, it helps to feel more connected, yet so far away! Can't wait to meet the fourth little guy! Just thinking about it makes me smile from ear to ear! Thanks for sharing Julz!


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