This is the Gospel. And it isn't Always Pretty.

So many of our choices throughout the day, throughout our lives are not worthy of thinking through right or wrong.  For if we deem something right….then what?  Then we want proof.  Prove to me it was the right choice.  I’m doing the right thing.  Give me results that benefit.  Or a feeling of accomplishment with the choice.  Good.  I am a good person and I made a good choice.  Righteousness, that which we seek is righteousness. A life where my perceived control is reality.  

A life I understand. 

We keep seeking, trying.  

Seeking a continual knowledge of right or wrong with our choices forces us either into a self-proclaimed understanding masked over fear, or it takes us eventually into a gripping awareness that left to ourselves, we know nothing. 

We feel the truth that the world is not as it should be.  It’s kinda falling apart.  The sadness suffocates.  Death is always near.  Brokenness is staring at us all.  And just maybe a few right choices on our part can put it all back together.  

But it doesn't work. 

This is the gospel.  And it isn't always pretty.  This isn’t the gospel you heard at age 7 during vacation bible school.  This isn’t the prayer someone told you to pray and all will be saved.  This is the gospel everyday present as you place your two feet on the carpet.  For within every hand raised in worship, tear stained face of gratefulness.  There must be a bloodied knee that can’t stand overcome by the darkness.  Overcome by all they can’t make right, but so desperately want to try.  You want to make right, do right.  I want to do right.  

But can’t. 

The gospel is realizing all that isn’t right, and as you look at the picture of darkness, there’s a person in that picture you shockingly recognize.  It is you.  And that’s a good thing.  Cause it’s not you versus the world, darkness.  Sin.  Cause you lose.  

The credit is never yours.  

And the freedom is realizing we don’t have to fix what feels so broke.  It’s Jesus versus the world.  The darkness.  Your darkness, your brokenness.  

And He wins.  The gospel.  Let Him fight.  And then, and only then, does the gospel get to be 

good news.  


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