Thankful for 2011

If I could describe 2011 in one word, it would be lordship.  Further defined here as:

lord·ship  (lôrdshp)
1. often Lordship Used with Your, His, or Their as a title and form of address for a man or men holding the rank of lord.
2. The position or authority of a lord.
3. The territory belonging to a feudal lord.

But that makes no sense to me.  Lordship for 2011 and me....means accepting my desires aren't always best and sometimes lead to really crummy places.  It means I am not in control, even when I think I am.  I'm not.  It means submitting to my Creator is actually beautiful and freeing.  Not suffocating.  Suffocating was life without lordship, life treading water but sinking as I'm juggling, smiling, and pretending to be in control.  Lordship means I don't want to have it all together.  I don't want to be impressive.  I don't want to be noticed.  I don't want to make a difference.  I don't want to manipulate great things, when really it's a simple day. I don't want anything purposed to move forward in my life, unless He has set it forth for His glory, my good.  Lordship means the radical pursuit of Jesus is the means of doing something great, not pursuing something great.  Lordship is surrender, and realizing a normal simple life is actually beautifully complicated and glorious when marked by Lordship.  

This year, we sold a house.  It wasn't suppose to go for sale.  But it did.  A beautiful custom built ranch, complete with a mud room as big as my current kitchen.  Complete with hand scraped wood floors.  A gourmet kitchen as big as my current family room.  And a yard that was considered land.  We chose lordship and did the illogical thing.  We moved out while it was still for sale, and gladly took the keys of an old home with a small kitchen, a slanted mantle, electrical outlets that don't always work, no attached garage, and the laundry room behind the shower curtain in the small kitchen.  Cause for 2011 and us, we realized taking care of our family is more important than a house with granite countertops.

In 2011, we found out our family would be growing with another son.  We have fallen in love with Fort Worth from the new view of our home.  We've been homeschooling and it is simple.  We continue to meet new friends every year, and 2011 was no different.

2011 was freedom.  Lordship.  A removal of pressure that I realized was only placed there by me.  As I look toward 2012, it will no doubt be fun.  Tiring.  Joyful.  Exciting.  Sad.  Simply beautiful.  I'm not setting out to do great things, because 2011 taught me Lordship.  To wait for His plan.  His timing.  He has abundance planned for me, I need to follow Him.  And surely greatness will be waiting.  


  1. Great Post Julz! Great Post! We, your Dad and I, our hearts are happy to hear that you have fallen in love with Fort Worth from a new view! God is Good! WE LOVE your home... but we have always loved your "home"... you always make it home! Brody puts it best "Isn't it good to be home Mommy!"


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