Shootin' Some Hoops

Lucas is back to basketball this winter.  And just like last year, we cut his hair off for the season.  Always makes him look so much older, but even more so this year.  I think we will be spending many future winters in a gym.  

And his coach!  We love love his coach this year.  He's encouraging, smart with the game, and I can tell loves teaching basketball.  Not to mention his patient heart with the kiddos.  And he's also super handsome and holds my hand walking into the gym.  Here he is...

I love watching Lucas play basketball.  I look forward to next winter 'cause Brody wants to play, also.  I love my husband and the life and leadership he brings to our boys' lives.  


  1. Ok, this post made me cry! Just love you all so much, and your Basketball boys! Great Post!


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