Our Boys and Their Bikes

We're not really sure when it happens, or why it happens.  But all of our boys ride bikes.  They love to ride bikes.  And we've really never taught them much about bikes or bike riding.  I actually have little idea of how to actually teach a child to ride a bike with no training wheels.  

For all of our boys, they just ride.  And each one is beating the previous one on the age at which they remove those training wheels.  It usually goes like this:

Boy:  Can I take my training wheels off?
Me:  Let's wait till Daddy can help get them off and we'll see.  
(later, on weekend)
Boy: Daddy, can I take my training wheels off?
Daddy: Sure. 
(training wheels off)
Boy:  Look at me.  
(Boy picks up bike and rides)
Daddy: Babe, you gotta come out here.  
Me:  (start laughing) How do they do that!?

We. Do. Not. Know. 

Baby Boy E comes in at 3yrs 4mos......off and riding.  Standing.  Braking.  Skidding.  Grunting with great fierce.  He thinks it's a motorcycle. 

Our boys and their bikes.  I just love them.  Those boys I spend time with everyday.  


  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for posting! This is great! Can't wait to share with Pepa!

  2. Oh that is so cute! Tucker was just telling me he has to take his off because Eli took his off and he is younger than him:)

  3. i love how "boy" your boys are!


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