First Semester

In just a few short weeks, we will put to close our first semester of the school year.  

It has been a wonderful time.  The boys have been learning, laughing, and loving our pace of life.  

I have loved teaching them, watching them grow and discover and at times, battle hard days of new concepts.  It's beautiful to not have many times of rushing around to get out the door, but to sit and learn together.  Time to ask questions and time to say yes when they ask to do something not quite on the schedule.  

Baby Boy has learned an immense knowledge about animals, all his numbers, letters and spelling of his name.  Little Boy has beautiful cursive, reading sentences, and loving math.  We all enjoy engaging in Bible work, growing in character, and learning loads of early history.  Big Boy has delightfully listened to 5 literature books, and he himself is reading small books weekly. 

In my short journey as a homeschooler, it's the first semester I've ever gone without freaking out, wondering what I'm doing, and diving onto the computer to look up private school tuition.  

Of course there have been hard days.  But I've trusted more, worried less, and quit watching every other family.  

But have loved enjoying mine!  And these bright handsome students I've been given.  


  1. Love seeing these little guys at work, in thought mode and learning! Proud of you Julz! Proud of them!

  2. Love their concentrated faces!!

  3. praise God for a successful first semester all around. Love seeing His faithfulness to your family. And love seeing those handsome faces:)


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