I was reading this on my reader, which was linked to a few other homeschoolers writing similar posts.  What is the post?  The post is a simple list of our family and what we DO and what we DON'T do.  I loved reading her list, and thought.......uh, I'll make myself a list.  Don't mind if I do.  I can so quickly focus on all the things I DON'T do as a wife, momma, homemaker, teacher, etc.  But, truth is, there's lots I DO.  And what I DO may not be what you DO, and some of my DON'T s may just be the thing you love to DO.  Isn't it all just beautiful?  A beautiful mess indeed.


  • I do meal plan every week . 
  • I do read to my kids lots and lots. 
  • I do use formal reading and phonics. 
  • I do have lessons plans and enjoy them fondly!
  • I do cook for my family every night, keeping it as simple and nutritious as possible. 
  • I do do do love surprising everyone with a dessert after dinner, which almost never starts with a box. 
  • I do make my own pizza crust and breads. 
  • I do require the boys to help with chores. 
  • I do give out Lucky Charms, Golden Grahams or Froot Loops for breakfast. 
  • I do watch my boys play in the cold, jump in rain puddles, and videotape the whole thing. 
  • I do love homeschooling. 
  • I do keep up with many, many friends. 
  • I do enjoy fabric, and have one sewing project going, that only involves straight lines!
  • I do stay up with my husband every Saturday night if the college football game is just that good. 
  • And I do make football food every Saturday feeding it to all the males, in front of the TV. 
  • I don't clean my house, but one strong time a month.....as a whole family. 
  • I don't sort laundry. 
  • I don't iron, except as needed. Rarely. 
  • I don't continue using a curriculum or reading a book, if it's not working for us. 
  • I don't venture away from the house often, twice a week max. 
  • I don't sign the boys up for many activities, unless they ask and are interested. 
  • I don't school any subject in the summer, that is not of natural interest. 
  • I don't make my own cards, remember birthdays, or craft much at all. 
  • I don't knit. 
  • I don't buy all organic or FairTrade.
  • I don't shower everyday.  There, now you know.  
So let us be encouraged.  We all have a grand 'I DO' list.  And may our minds not be corrupted with our 'I DON'T' list....especially when we compare to other women or families.  Let us stay diligent in ways that bless our family we've been given. 


  1. I think we read the same blogs. I read this (and similar posts over the years of blogging), too, and am always refining my list as I go along. It's healthy, don't you think?

  2. so healthy, friend! We certainly can't DO it all.

  3. I love you! You are so darn cute! You Do cute well!

  4. thank you for this. you do it well.

  5. I LOVE this!

    a. I love lists!
    b. I love you.
    3. I laughed out loud.
    4. Grrraaaaahhhh!! I miss you!

    (Thinkin' about a do/don't list of my own!) :)

  6. you know... i think your i don't list is so FREEING!! love it! it convicted me of what i do and what i don't do ... and which one is sometimes not the positive. don't = positive here! wow.. now that's deep :) haha! love ya!

  7. Hey this is good. Thinking of my own as well now. It IS freeing isn't it? And to think how our lists change with seasons within our lives. Thanks for sharing Jula:)


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