Happy Birthday Baby Boy E! You are 3!

This baby boy steals our hearts every day.  His smile is warm and bright, his eyes tell of his happiness.  

He is now 3! And thrilled about it!  He is now asking when he'll be 7, and is sometimes otherwise convinced he is already 5.  He rides a razor like a champ, tricks and all.....doing circles really around boys double his age.  Except his brothers, of course.  After all, they were his teachers. 

He has a little trouble with the word 'no', currently throwing many tantrums.  He grunts.  He hits. He kicks and screams.  Then finally gives up and lays his head on my shoulder exhausted from the fight.  

He melts me. 

He loves to put things in his pocket.  Yes, even a cupcake during our summer visit to Ohio.  Smashed it right in there, then was confused and sad of to its whereabouts when he tried to retrieve it for a snack.  

He will do anything if brothers are doing it.  

He loves loves to share.  It truly warms his spirit to share something good with others.  Sometimes insisting we take a bite, even when we try to politely deny.  

He is loved by his brothers with great intensity.  They both still even speak to him in a gentle 'we know  you're just a little guy' voice.  

Soon, this baby boy 3 year old will have a baby brother.  And I have no doubt he'll be great at leading him......for he has had great teachers in the area of big brotherhood.  

Happy Birthday to my favorite favorite 3-year old!!! 
It's going to be a fun year. 


  1. Just sitting here with a big Ole Smile.. because we LOVE this post too! Mr E... Happy Birthday. Love Mamma and Pepa

  2. Looking closer at the pictures... I love his choice for razor riding shoes... and that picture fishing... comes up on my frame every day... those feet, that sure thought of a fish at the end of the line....his heart... melts my heart! I love that picture... Just love Mr. E!


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