Doing Fall

I really don't like Fall.  Because I LOVE summer.  So, every year that Fall rolls in and that first cold breeze blows, I'm sad.  Summer is over.  The swimsuits get put away, the pools close, vacation pictures are only a memory, and late night summer air is done.  Not to mention Fourth of July and how it's the most simply celebrated holiday ever.

But this all changed a few years ago.

Because we moved to Texas.

And summer in Texas is not summer up north.  Which means Fall in Texas is not Fall up north  it does not get freezing cold and chance of snow within weeks to come. 

Now, I love Fall!!! Sure is a lovely thing to move so often and fall in love with different seasons and cultures.  That first cold front comes, cooler air, breezes that aren't hot air dyers in the bathroom, playing outside again...........all the lovely gems of Fall in the South.

To load up in the van and not break a sweat.  Beautiful.

Now we will never have the colors of the North or the large vibrant leaves to rake, but I promise when we live up North again......I won't take Fall for granted and pout in my loss of summer.

Fall Tree

So I decorate for Fall now.  I light candles.  We eat chili.  Watch football.  Visit a huge pumpkin farm.  Play outside more.  And I feel only a twinge of sadness that summer is over.


  1. Good Post. Didn't know you didn't like Fall all of our years in Ohio.... If anyone knows how to get thru the seasons of .... life.... weather.... and more, you do! Enjoy your Texas Fall!


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