I have a new favorite blog that is fully dedicated to desserts.  Seriously, what's better than that?  Especially for those with a sweet tooth, boys addicted to dessert, and a pregnant Momma!  Not that I know any such family.  We made her Whoopie Pies this weekend.  Her post today looks extra festive and yummy, too!  

Disclaimer: Looking for great recipes full of traditional ingredients for your family, with no boxed or canned items....then don't click below for any reason.  I visit Heavenly Homemakers  for recipes of that sort. Not the link below.  

But ready for rich, creamy, chocolate, caramel, gooey, always yummy....proceed forward.  


  1. I was lucky enough to be there and enjoy those Whoopie Pies! The sweet sweet tooth I am not... I have to admit... the second bite... and cold and for breakfast... shhhhh... I know... don't tell the boys... but they were yummmmieee! :) Thanks for the special treat!


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