Simply Little Boy

currently wears a superman cape around the house, all day.  

tries to fly in the backyard off the swings.  

tells me if his covers are over his face in bed, it means he's closed for business. 

no covers, open. 

last boy out of bed. almost always. 

looks like his handsome Dad. 

struggling just a bit at leaving Mom's side when getting dropped off for school classes.  

runs to my arms at pick-up, beaming with a smile of 'I did it!'.  

loves to be a teacher to others. 

first thing he tells me about any activity is the people, and their names. 

he loves orange, red and golden colors.  

loving to learn the piano. 

visions himself as a rockstar. 

love this boy.  


  1. He DOES look like his Dad. Thanks for sharing about him. Can't wait to meet L some day!

  2. Smiles....Pepa and I just smile and love this post, and love love love this boy! Pepa and L are chatting right now, he just informed Pepa that he is now putting Pepa (the phone) in the dumptruck so "hold on" and now he is going to take Pepa for a ride! OH my gosh ... this boy, we love him so much. Thanks for sharing!

  3. just here... looking at this sweet smile, eyes and face again. Love this pic of L!


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