As A Military Wife

I've been working through the bible study for military wives called "Tour of Duty" by Sara Horn.  It has been so good to not only get in the Word from the perspective of life as one married to a man in uniform, but also to not feel completely alone in feelings, fears, and struggles.  No mind can no know the roller coaster of emotions when my husband travels, except those who feel it, too.

Some of my favorite excerpts today that have encouraged me:

I faced the emotion of grief so often during my husband's absence.  I began writing Bible verses on notecards and posting them all over the house as reminders that God was for me!  He was never going to leave me or forsake me,  and while at times I felt utterly alone, I knew that my ultimate hope was not in my husband's return but in Christ.  

God revealed to me that it was my sense of control that was crippling me.  Sincere prayer and immersion in His Word reshaped my life.  Once I finally gave it all over to Him, I was free of the giant elephant in the room.  There is a great peace in resting in His love for us and knowing that His plans for us are good. 

My husband's deployment was physically and spiritually demanding.  I felt so alone in so many aspects of my life.  God never let me down.  Even though I felt abandoned, He was always there watching over me. 

'But as for me I trust in you, O Lord, I say 'You are my God.'  My times are in your hand. 
Psalm 31:14-15a

Glory, Glory to God I make it one hour when my husband is far.  So glad He loves me; His help and mercy does not run out.  


  1. Thank you for sharing that Julie. I really needed that today and I think I better go out and get that study to do while Jeff is gone. I am on that rollercoaster called pre-deployment right now so these words were very timely!

  2. Sounds like a great study. Thanks for sharing!

  3. God designed you/us to live in union with Him! I am so thankful you find your fulfillment through living close to Him and knowing that the paths he may lead you along my feel alien to you, but you trust that He knows what He is doing! As you my sweet daughter have always reminded me: God only wants great things for you today! You are an amazing military wife, mother and friend to others. I can only imagine if I was a military wife, I would want you as one of my friends. You are comforting and transparent! Which I can only imagine helps others.

  4. My prayers for you continue. On your knees before the Lord with with all your mind, heart, & soul will enable you to be the woman & mom & wife God has purposed for you to be. You are an extraordinary woman in Christ. God's peace & freedom, Julie! <3


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