Four Men

After Baby Boy was born.  We were tired.  3 boys.  Age 4 and under.  Many deployments and detachments under our belt, numerous moves, and we just weren't sure how we were going to keep going each morning when those 3 handsome faces stared at us.

But we made it.  Of course.  Like everyone said we would.  Sometimes when I think we won't make it, or really I won't make it.  It's that I won't make it to the finish as beautiful as I hoped it all to be.  And that's true.  I won't.  It's a miraculous mess, that we keep making it through.

And so almost 3 years later, more messy than ever.  We decided our family was worth growing, but more than that......our God is greater.  He is plenty big enough to handle us, our family, and the days that feel impossible.  Because the more impossible days that build up, as I smoosh them all together, they look wondrously beautiful.

So, our fourth baby is coming.  Growing.  Due in February.  This baby is a boy.

Four sons.

This baby will be loved.  Held.  Prayed over.  Cried with.  And gently moved forward into childhood.  Running.  Jumping.  Tantrums.  Wrestling.

And one day, years from now, I pray I sit back and watch four young adult men talking together.  Men of integrity, who love God first, are brave and kind all together.  They will still wrestle maybe, and most certainly laugh.

One day, all the diapers, math problems, disciplining, praying, weeping, and childhood laughing will be worth it.

As I hope in the Lord and raise four little men.


  1. You both are doing a wonderful job with your little men. #4 is certain to be just as amazing!

    I LOVE this belly pict.

    You really need to start thinking about writing a book. For real.

    Love you friend!

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  3. As I read your post and remember our times together, tears come to my eyes. I love you and your heart for the Lord and for your precious family. You are beautiful inside and out. Miss you. <3

  4. This just gives me such peace, and such JOY. I have tears in my eyes as I witness how God knows us best and knows what we need BEST. What a joy. What a beautiful story you have. Ahh, so happy.

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  6. congratulations! so excited for you and your blessed family. i love reading the sweet things you say about your boys.

  7. Julz... your heart, your heart, your heart... it is what everyone loves about you! It is such a heart for the Lord! How can one not gravitate towards that! Especially Four Little Men! I love all of your boys so much, one more ... all the more fun, laughter, tears and ... well for this mamma... just plain fun! Thanks for all your posts... and as one said... you really should write a book... for real!


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