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I shared here some introspective thought on Big Boy's school year and my heart in the hurricane of it all. But most of all, I am thankful for this woman, his sweet godly teacher.  Of course, she taught him to read.  But more than that, she valued his giftings and temperament. She set out to push him where she knew God would meet him, even when Big Boy was a little hesitant.  She will be remembered for years to come in our hearts as we see milestones along the journey of Big Boys' life.  You, Mrs. H, were an instrument of grace and strength.  

During our road trip, we stopped along the way to see a dear friend get married.  The boys love her, as she has taken her teacher's spring break the past few years....and came to visit us, wherever we lived.  It was delightful to share in her day of committment.  And heart warming to watch the boys' eyes widened with the magic of a wedding day.  I have no snapshot of the beautiful bride, but here are these handsome boys. 

Big Boy celebrated his birthday with friends just a week before school was out.  We played at a park, ate pizza, chased ducks and had fun! 

This is my big beautiful family.  I love family.  I love my husband's family and consider them my own.  I love my family and thankful my husband calls them his own as well.  My brother celebrated his 30th birthday.  There he is, with Mom and Dad, the rest of us watching.  Enjoying.  Laughing.  Ya know, life is never as we expect it to be.  I think we all have one moment that created a 'Y' in our life.  A fork in the road.  We didn't expect it.  Divorce.  Death. Illness.  Disappointment.  Destroyed relationship.  Something heart numbing.  And the Y calls us to a choice.  A choice of detour, accepting any control we thought we had was really all just an illusion.  To go forward, accept the unexpected path.  Grieve the loss of promised greener pastures that really don't exist.  And realize it takes a little, sometimes alot of rain to have green grass.  The other road at the Y, that's one of bitterness.  And it's ugly.  It looks to be the easier path in the moment.  But eventually one will wish differently, for the path with the rain.  Thankfully, God has a bridge connecting the paths.  It's never too late to cross.  

Our family had a strong detour.  It happened when I can hardly remember life before the detour.  But I'm sure as my Mom would take us 3 swimming on a warm summer day.  And even though she didn't have a toddler anymore, she still never sat down with other Moms.  And then as we were leaving, the heat was too much and would throw my brother into a seizure. At the gate.  Where everyone is watching.  Us on the floor helping him.  Then me walking with our stuff to the car, her carrying him.  I'm sure in those moments my Mom would think how this isn't the life she expected.  

But years later, it's our big beautiful life with my brother as our big detour.  

And we're better for it.  But phew, that's another cluster of multiple posts and the result of years of counseling.  Let's be honest.  

I love detours! 

Our base just recently installed an indoor pool!!!!  Enough said, really. 

Part of our road trip, involved a stop with sister and brother in law along with 4 kiddos in Tennessee.  It was loud and wonderful! And look , as our kids get bigger....they can snap pics of the adults!

And here's the kids!!

Looking forward to more life captured in little moments.  


  1. I hope you are writing a book.... or wait a minute, this is your book! Another great post! and Yes, we are better for it, in deed. By Compassion, Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness, we have and continue to "make it through" all detours! LOVE this post, Love you!

  2. I had to add~as the Mamma of B....and having the blessing of interacting with Mrs. H., having you as a part of our grandson's growing life, fills this Mamma's heart with Joy! God "ordered you up special" for these little ones!

  3. I like that your still representing the Creek Julie. Not sure why yall's husbands are the only ones not rocking a church shirt...I'll pray for them.

  4. I love your ability to describe scenarios and draw people in with your words and writing skills. You have such a way of explaining the truth and encouraging many people in understanding everyday life through Christ's guidance. I love you ~ Dad ~

  5. Just lovely, Julie.
    I adore the family photo with your parents.

    What an action-packed summer you all are having!

  6. So, so sweet, friend. I loved it and teared up about the "Y"'s that come our way. I'm glad you all have been having some fun (and cooler!) summer adventures. :)


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