Road Trip Day One: 10 highlights

1. 700+miles
2. No diaper changing, first experience with this on a road trip
3. Left our home at 5:15am, arrived on the west side of Dallas by 6:20. If you know, then you know....that was a miracle.
4. Espn radio app
5. Knowing our Cooper is loving his adoptive home
6. Blow pops, M&Ms, tootsie pops, and a paci
7. Packed lunches!
8. Free lodging tonight
9. Expectation of visiting with friends and family for 2 weeks
10. No rain while driving

And the one thing I could have done without is knowing all the special ties I ordered for the boys, to wear this weekend to a wedding...they arrived on our doorstep 7 hours after we left.

And so we rock on. More miles tomorrow! Thankful for my husband who drives and our handsome seasoned travelers.


  1. YAY!!!! Sorry about the ties.... ties or no ties, they are all cute boys! Rock On Hufstetler Family!

  2. :) anticipating the fun highlights from Days after day one! :) Hope you are journaling, your posts are always the best!


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