Closure on that Road Trip

I don't go near computers when we travel. The break is beautiful.

And so Road Trip 2011 comes to a close. Our address changes often. Currently, it says Texas. But the friends and family we just spent time with, that is what feels like home.

6 states. 5 sleeping locations. 2600 miles.

Now we head back to our current location called home.

And I fight for it to feel like home. But most days it doesn't. Cause there's not as many natural hugs. And people can't look at our boy's faces and remember them as babies. And there are less cookout invites.

So this is for you, old friends and dear sweet family, we say thank you. You see us yearly, yet take us in, feed us and love us as if we never left.

We miss you already.


  1. Tears... and smiles! Love your post Julz!

  2. love and miss you too julz:) thanks for making us a part of your trip!

  3. wish we happened to be in our "first home" at the same time, instead of the navy home that keeps us apart.

  4. Love this post. And I love that when we do see you, it's like we hang out every day! You're always in our hearts. Miss you too!!


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