Five for Little Boy


Little Boy has turned five years old and it's a big deal.  To be five.  It's nothing like three or even four.  Five.  It just sounds big.

We love our Little Boy.  He entered the world screaming, of course, but was soon sleeping, lounging, takin' it easy.  Smiling.  Sensitive to all others.  Remembering people's names and faces.  Not objects or details. But the people.  That's what he notices.  He'll choose people over toys everytime.  People over objects.  People time over all other time.

He has joy. Light.  Just like his air.  The single blonde in the family.  We cut it short one time, and it quickly grew back out and he firmly requested we not cut it again.  So, we haven't.  It fits him well.  Easy going just like him.

He plays the middle brother role quite well.

He fully embraces his big brother role, yet is intent on watching Big Boy at all times for cues on life.

I love love love you, Little Boy!  I love your smile and your laugh. I love the sense of humor you bring to our family.  I love your heart and how you love.  I love how you want to be brave and strong, but sense a need to stop and love.  I love how you fell asleep on the couch on your birthday, just before pizza and cake.  The day was too much for you, and life is sometimes better with a relaxed heart and a nap.

And I love your relaxed heart.  Time will only tell and the hands that created you....what lies ahead, where your heart will take you, and how your love of people will be used for good.  I hope it does.  I pray and anxiously wait to see the Lord's plan for you.

You have great adventures ahead.  Keep searching Truth and it will, indeed, set you free!

as free as a nap on your birthday with no cake.

But better.  Much better!


  1. I love this so much. Napping before pizza and cake! Who knew a sweet boy was capable of it? Delightful... :)


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