Awhile back, we had the opportunity to go roller skating with Big Boy's school.  My lovely Mom was here visiting, so we decided to go to this event which otherwise would've been impossible on my own.  I'm so glad we did!

What a blast. 


I totally went rollerskating often as a child.  Did you?  It was the exact same.  The roller rink was stinky. Like sweat.  The carpet was dirty.  The skates were old and one tries not to think just whose feet were in them last.  

But I do love myself some roller skating.  

Oh yes.  So how did those sweet handsome boys do?  Big Boy was all about it.  Very serious.  Determined.  He really loved it.  

They even had these nifty helper skates.  Aren't they neat?  He used this for about half the time, but also skated around the oval many times with little assistance.  

Oh, and Little Boy.  This sweet boy was the first to get his skates on, stand up and push away from all of us.  He did great.  Just super.  For 3 seconds.  Then, the roller rink operator forgot who we were for a brief moment......small Christian school, lots of children grade 5 and under.  And so that operator turned all the lights off, cranked up the strobes, and started off the evening with We Will Rock You.  Loud.  As in your heart jumped when it started.  

Boom. Boom. Boom.  
We will, we will rock you!!

Then, Little Boy was done skating.  

Poor thing.  Just as he pushed off in those skates, so proud, many yards away from us....

Dark.  Strobes.  Rock you.  

When I say he was done, I mean he started screaming, took his skates off and we had to hold him down to stay in the roller rink.  

Not sure if roller skating will be on his list of fun places for quite sometime.  

Thankfully, within a few songs they turned the lights back on, cut the strobe, and decreased the music volume.  

Phew!  Now we could actually see our kids stumbling in their skates.  

And that was the night.  Big Boy and I kept skating.  We all took a break for cookies AND cupcakes.  Skated some more.  Waved to Mamma, Little Boy and Baby boy.  And then it ended.  

And somehow it was all beautiful. Rolling around the oval, in my stinky skates, with my Big Boy.  

Then walking out into the night clean air and chatting about roller skating all the way home.  


  1. oh julz this is great story. i'm laughing. sad for little boy that roller skating is now on the bad list but hopefully one day he'll look back and laugh too.

    happy you enjoy some special time with your big boy:)

  2. OMG! I'm in tears! This is so cute and funny!

  3. So so so so so so sweet!!!! Loved every line. Took me back a few years in my own memory. Love you, friend.


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