Thankful Thursday

Joining with my friend over here, she is committed to resting on Thursdays with a thankful heart.  Not sure I'll go for this every Thursday, but today is a day I find most perfect to give thanks! I have much.  I lift my hands with a thankful heart. 

Sun Salutation

  • electric.  We were with out it all day yesterday.  And it was cold! Tricky thing is electricity also controls our water, being that we are on well water.  Ya know, it takes electric to run our pump that sends the water into our home.  So no electricity = no heat = no water = no toilet flushing = no lights.  So thankful for that great invention of electricity and that we have it back now!
  • all my Momma friends up north.  You all live inside with your children for months at a time during these winter months.  You're beautiful Moms who enjoy slow-paced life mainly because of the weather, and you don't even realize it.  You plan crafts for your kids, bake with them, and even 'venture out in the snow with them from time to time.  You are winter heroes!
  • snow days!  Being as I'm a northern Momma at heart, I love that my boys have been in the house all day, every day and MOST of all.....I have not had to drive on a highway for a full 3 days.  Praise be to our Great God.  Seriously, thankful on this one.  You have no idea. 
  • my husband.  He makes anything fun.  He's upbeat, positive and calm in the face of adversity.  Great qualities for a pilot, be we like him best as our leader toward joy in all things!  In need of a few more activities to pass the time, he led us all in a game of Indoor Olympics.  Picture running, jumping, crab-walking events around the house.  I broke a sweat.  Just sayin'. 
  • our warm coats, hat, gloves, sweaters, and boots we own from back in the days of living up north. 
  • That come Sunday, the forecast is calling for upper 50s, maybe even 60s.  I mean...this ice on the road has to melt!  It's still hard for us to wrap our mind around (again...being from the north), but down here in these parts.....they have zero means of getting the ice off the roads.....salt, plows, sand, anything!  Nothing.  Our only hope is warmer weather.  And that's what we need, cause when we ventured out yesterday, it was really those Texan drivers that scared me more than the ice itself.  It really will just be all together safer with warmer temps, back to where these folks operate best!  


  1. oh my goodness Jula, I knew you were without power, but totally forgot about the "flushing" of the toilets and water. So, did the boys use the "land"? :) Love you, love your post! Hope a melt down is in the near future!

  2. I think the forecast has changed, and we may be snow covered for quite a few more days. I'm not the weatherman of the house.


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