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No doubt my patience runs low with him lately, as he walks to the beat of his own drum.  He hears a whole different music at times.  He breaks out in character at any given moment, complete with changed voice, new name and supplies me with one as well.  As if, I knew all along the pretend world he was living out in his mind before he spoke it.  He loves to make people laugh with joy.  He loves to laugh.  He rocks out currently in his room to The Afters, great CD for him.  He plays his music super loud, has a guitar, complete with sunglasses and hat on backwards.  He keeps asking when he can take piano, because he knows it's the stepping stone to guitar and drum lessons.  

Fun. This Little Boy.  I can't imagine our family without him.  What a worshipful moment to celebrate the uniqueness of our kids.  No two the same.  Worshipful.  Yes.  Believing God's divine purpose over their design.  I lift my hands with Little Boy in them.  And I say use him, God.  Yes, he drives me crazy this week.  But you are good, God.  What an astounding ball of joy you have in this boy.  Use him. May many come to know the radical freedom and joy of knowing Jesus because of him, Little Boy.  And the entertainment he brings to all.  

Use it.  For good.  


  1. Isn't wonderful that *He* made them and not us. I would have created some pretty one-dimensional children had I been tasked with the job.

    A challenge for you indeed, but this little boy must bound for greatness, and in no small part due to your understanding of who he needs to be.

    You're doing great work over there. I know it!

  2. sweet boy! and you are the perfect momma for him. yeah!


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