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Last May we started searching for a dog through local rescues.  Waiting. Searching.  Looking.  Even visited with a few dogs, then later decided they weren't a good fit for our family of 5. 

It was a process.  Big Boy was thrilled and waiting with eager expectation.  Little Boy was absolutely afraid of all moving creatures with four legs.  On one home visit with a dog, he actually hid in his room the entire time.  Lovely.  I know.  Great idea we had in adopting a dog.  

But then last October, a rescue popped up having 2 new pups, 4 months old, golden retrievers, found on the side of the road.  




What I liked about these dogs before we even met them.  I love golden retrievers!  I love that they were 4 months old, already sleeping through the night, and on a normal dog schedule.  I love that they weren't more than 4 months old.....which means they were still light in weight and not quite set in their ways yet of being dominant.  

We found them on a Sunday.  

Met them on a Tuesday.  Played in a park.  But by this point, one was already we met the other one.  

Picked him up and adopted him on Wednesday night.  

He's been a very easy puppy.  He slept all night in his crate the first night we had him, no accidents, and has been doing the same ever since.  He wants to impress you with listening to your command.  He has lots of energy when out of his crate, but makes not a sound when crated.  He loves all the boys.  He's handsome as ever! 

His name is Cooper. 

And who loves him best??  Little Boy.  

Grabbing a good shot of him is difficult.  He's always moving!  Little Boy was literally holding him down here.  He weighed in at 20 lbs when we adopted him, and last check-up he was at 53 lbs.  Whoa.  The vet thinks he'll get up to 80 lbs.  Whoa again.  A little bigger then we expected.  As he grows, it seems he may also have some Border Collie (think Lassie) mixed in with golden, but we'll really never know. 

We don't like the dog hair.  And welcome all tips in how to control it.  

We need a fence still. 

For us, it has worked really well to adopt a dog with young children.  They love him and especially Little Boy will now approach any animal without screaming.  Also, because our life is so busy with the boys.....he's far from spoiled.  Cooper is still just a dog to us.  

But a dog we do love!


  1. ;D Excited to see how cooper and those boys have grown!

  2. What a happy adoption story! It's good to know dogs can work out well with little kids. I think pets are good for kids and kids are good for pets. Glad this pet has been good for you, too!


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