in which i vent about the librarian

dear ms. librarian,

how dare you 'hush' my children while looking at books. they're children. boys. browsing the children's section. that's what it's there for, the children.  yes, they speak loudly with shrills of excitement when they find just the book they were hoping for this day.  no, my 2 year old does not listen or stay right by my side very well.  yes, that's my 6 year old on the floor in the corner with books everywhere.  and no, he probably will only get half of them.  and yes, you'll have to re-shelf them.  and just maybe we would have less fighting at check-out if you would check my items out for me.  the self-checkout just really doesn't jive with us when we have 27 items, 6 helping arms and only one scanner.

don't worry.  don't miss us too much.  we'll be back in 14 days.  and I can't guarantee your opinion of us will change that much on that day either.  we will still probably not meet your expectations.  and yes, i'll be smiling the whole time again and giving my boys large hugs and kisses as we leave.  because i'm raising readers, here.  i'm raising future bright, strong young men and i don't need your approval to achieve that.

so fellow momma friends who also dare brave the library, i say go strong, go bold, and keep going back.


  1. yep we get the same looks, the same "shhh's" and no helping hands and we still keep coming back because the kids love it and so do i and i don't really care about mean, old library lady:)

  2. I love a mama bear's roar. Good girl...keep fighting the crazies that want to stifle our kiddos. You make me smile.

  3. Yes, indeed! I imagine my brood got quite a few looks as we marched into the library, each with their own bag for books. Our children's section is upstairs, away from the rest of the library; however once the boys chose their books I had them sit on one of the sofas downstairs while I browsed. They weren't always the quietest patrons but like you we kept going back!


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