Three Snowmen

I could not be more fond of the relationship growing between our 3 boys.  As Baby Boy exits true baby stage and leaps forward into boyhood, the other 2 big boys warmly welcome him every step of the way.  As I stand in the kitchen prepping dinner or washing dishes or simply standing (cause really does one ever leave their kitchen!?), I watch out the back window and see all 3 boys running.  Or driving.  We have one of those HUGE monster truck battery operated cars.  I mean, HUGE.  2 seats and a back trunk.  It was given to us, but that's another story.  The boys have figured out how to bungee cord our Radio Flyer wagon to it, and it still moves plows freely along.  So, picture large truck, 2 boys in front seats, one boy in wagon riding.....being towed.  And who's the driver?  Baby Boy, of course.  The boys love that he knows how to drive the big thing all over our land.  So they take pure delight in letting him drive.

We received an hours' worth of snowfall a few weeks ago.  Typical southern snowfall....warnings all day, large predictions, fearful people, no one leaves their house, and then we get it.  The snowfall.  The big storm that was predicted and caused TV shows to not be on, ya know, so they could keep us well updated on the storm.  And it came.  I think.  But I'm also sure I missed it.

Cause up north, we call that................................flurries.

No, not the McDonald's dessert.

But the boys were no differ.  Especially Big Boy.  Born in Maine.  And he is a self professed lover of cold and dreary days.  Loves them.  We walk outside, he says, "Mom, isn't it beautiful out?"  I'm sure our Navy life will take us north again someday and when it does, Big Boy will be thrilled!  Little Boy not so much.  On the day of the flurries, excuse me, yes I mean.....storm.  I sent all 3 boys out to play and by the time I gathered my boots and hat, Little Boy was already at the door crying about the cold.  Baby boy wore his rain boots that come up past his knees and tromped all over our acre, he would follow Big Boy to the moon!

A lovely time I've been having.  Yes, lovely.  Watching my 3 snowmen grow.  Just thankful, they don't ever  melt!


  1. Too cute! Love this post. So glad you are capturing these moments to look back on. I should write more on my blog. It is an easy way to catalog life in these busy years. Glad to see you refreshed for the new year and serving your family faithfully! Love you Jules.

  2. LOVE that Big Boy got some snow and was so excited, but I am with Little Boy....I am not a huge fan of cold either :) I ALSO LOVE HOW Baby Boy is enjoying his brothers so much!!

  3. Sounds like your snow storms are a lot like the ones in GA!

  4. Now that was a "writers" post! The best yet! I felt like I was at the first chapter of a fun book! Love you, your heart and those three snowmen!

  5. love the pic of the boys and your story. funny girl you are:)


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