Just a Day in the Life

We have an acre of land. 

That's what you say here, where we live.  I live on land.  It's not....we have a yard.  Because it's a given, one does not have a yard near this huge metroplex of bustling life.  So, if one does have actual room out their back window to see farther than your neighbor's window, it's called land. 

We have land. 

Not something I ever thought we'd say.  Beside the point.

Our lot is skinny. 

So our backyard land is actually very long.  All clear.  Except for one tree in the way back. 

The boys have pieces of wood nailed up the side to climb it. 

Yesterday, I was gathering everyone to go on a walk.  I saw the boys back by the tree.  All on the ground, except Little Boy.  He was up in the tree.  Standing.  Looking down. He's jumped before, so not a big deal. 

I walked back to invite them on the walk.  As I near closer.  I see rope, black rope.  We don't own black rope.  Wait, bungee cords, yes indeed....I see bungee cords wrapped around the waist of my Little Boy.  Then continuing upward in the tree and hooking themselves ever so carefully on a limb.  When I say limb, I mean twig.  Skinny branch about to face a brisk pull of a 50lb. almost 5year old boy.  A boy who I know did not invent nor think of doing any of this on his own. 

I near closer, and see the light in BigBoy's eyes.  Gleaming.  Pride.  Smiles. 

"He's going to jump," says Big Boy.  "I already did it, it was awesome!" he adds.  Then looks back up at his brother. 

Little Boy looks at me.  Not smiling.  No sparkle in his eye.  He has the dreaded look of fear that any little brother would have who only wants to impress big brother and do just as he was told.  Lord only knows how they got Little Boy all wrapped up perfectly standing there.  Waiting.  To jump. 

I finally speak. 

"What are you DOING!!??"

Big Boy, obviously not catching my tone, speaks more.  Still beaming with thrill. 

"Not a big deal, Mom.  I already did it.  The bungee caught me and I dangled to the ground.  But my bungee was really long and I can't wait to see how he does (pointing up), I'm trying the short bungee on him."

By short, he means inches.  Little Boy was harnessed to this twig by an 18in. bungee cord. 

I've seen quite a bit in my boymomma days.  Quite a bit.  This tops it all. 

After very little convincing, Little Boy agreed that it just wasn't the best plan of the day.  He did jump, with me holding his hand which gave me further proof that the boy would've nearly killed himself had he jumped unattended. 

Of course, as my boy books promise, Big Boy was running back out to the tree again today bungee cords in hand.....telling me, "I can do it better this time!" 

Just a day in the life, friends.  Just a day in the life.

Tree On A Rock


  1. You knew this was coming, friend. I remember you telling me this day would come when Little Boy was barely speaking. You envisioned Big Boy dreaming up wonderful stunts for Little Boy to try. And that was at least 2 years ago. I see a similar story in my future. Remind me then that it will be ok!

  2. haha. I know, sweet Corrie friend. I know. I know. Oh, I miss you and hope you and your family are well.

  3. Totally just laughed out loud! (And sent the story to my other friend with 3 boys) Classic. :)


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