A Different January


I've been praying I would be overflowing with it.  A Bible verse says those who call on the name of Jesus will be overflowing with hope.  So I claim it to be true.  And I wait for it.

Because He who promised is faithful.

And it's His will that I live in accordance with His Word.

Overflowing. With Hope.

~ fresh air.

January can so often be a gloomy time of year for my heart.  The ending of Christmas hurts as another year is laid to rest.  And I can let sadness take place of gratitude so quickly.  Nervousness of a new year beginning and wondering just what it will hold.

So far, January has felt fresh to me.  I'm so thankful.

When we feel our sadness, our fears, our concerns, our hurts.....share them and allow them out; then there's room for a fresh wave of hope and gratitude.



  1. thanks Julz. Refreshing and nothing but the Truth, shall set you free. A really good biblical buddy is a great place to share... sometimes you are mine! I hope that sometimes I can also be yours! I love you, Your Momma.


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