Thursday and Saturday.  That's when the action happens.  One, for practice.....the other, with uniform on and it's game time.  Last season, his first season, was one of much nerves.  

Loads of questions.  


Some tears. 


And excitement.  

This season.....bigger field.  All excitement! 

Zero nerves. 

Big Boy enjoys parts of soccer that most kids probably don't.  The boy loves to run!  He keeps going, and going, and going.  He has strength.  Real strength.  As in since he was a baby, to pick him up....he felt to be all muscle.  And now he uses it, to keep running.  

Of course, he loves the pride of making a goal. 

But truth be seen, his eyes get just as excited to watch a teammate make a goal.  
And his favorite part?  


He loves being deemed the task of waiting.  



As the opponent is dribbling down the field, directly at his goal, his teammates.  

With no hesitation, he chooses the moment....the moment to strike, run forward and kick the ball far away from that opponent.  

Then, he's glad.  

He walks back to his spot on the grass.  

And gladly waits again.  


  1. Loving these posts, keep em coming! Go Cobras!!!!

  2. A FIERCE, albeit patient, competitor. Can't wait for team sports to filter into our reality. Looks like you have loads of fun out there.


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