New Mornings

With Big Boy at school throughout the morning, it's taken not just me but the other two boys as well some time to adjust.  How do we play without Big Boy making the plans? 

It's been delightful to watch Little Boy slowly uncover his own ideas on how to play, leading Baby Boy along.  

I've noticed at parks, we no longer look for frogs, try to catch squirrels, or throw rocks.  We do much more chasing other kids, pretending the park is a restaurant and Mommy is the customer, and yelling down the sewer pipe to hear our voice.  

Of course, one thing hasn't changed.....we all laugh!


  1. It's an adjustment for sure. But it looks like you're learning more about these two younger sibs as individuals. Sure miss those bigs kids while they're away, though.

    I think you and I were thinking similar thoughts in our blog posts today.

  2. Look at those big boy smiles! Love the Orange and Red! :)

  3. D...thank you for your comments! On every post, even.

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  5. So happy that you are posting pictures again! I missed them. Sweet boys, sweet mama. I love you!
    Mama M.


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