Baby Boy?

Our Baby Boy turned 2 years old.  But don't worry, we'll still call him Baby Boy around these parts.  He had a fabulous birthday, planned entirely by his 2 big brothers.  They personally conversed, picked out and carried all of his gifts at the toy store.  Weighing the pros and cons of just what their Bubba would like.  They helped with his cake.  And hand wrapped his entire load of joy, each and every gift.  Then they signed them.

  Then in true family tradition, we decorate the birthday door! Baby Boy was so thrilled it was his special day.  

He's full of joy.  Has an immeasurable amount of animated facial expressions.  Wears underwear and is doing fantastic at it.  (haven't changed a poopy diaper in 3 months, first time in 6 1/2 years)  Baby Boy rides a scooter at max speed.  Runs. Hops. Gallops. Skips.  And dances his heart right through ours everyday.  He doesn't say much, but makes up for it at every turn with his smiles and kisses.  

We can't believe he's 2!  

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!  


  1. Yep, glad you are back! That was a fun post. Lots of smiles, love and heart! Welcome Back Peekaboo Blogger!

  2. Eli Really really looks like his mommy!

  3. Those curls, those dark brown eyes, those personalized packages...Swoon!


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