2 Favorite Winter Reads

Snowmen at Night is a delightful story of wonder.  As morning comes and the snowman is tilted and looking rather worn out, the story begins with unfolding a magical nighttime adventure that all snowmen must have.  Why else would they be lopsided in the morning?  The story is fun, rhyming, and pictures are bright and bold.  Best of all, every picture has hidden images that you read about on the last page.  It kept Big Boy busy for quite awhile going through the book again to find those tricky pictures!

A Wish to be a Christmas Tree is the story of an old overgrown tree at a tree farm.  He's certain his time has passed and he will never be chosen as someone's beloved tree to take home.  The nearby animals in the woods come to his rescue, decorate him, and deem him the best Christmas tree of all.  A great story on giving to others and true friendship at Christmastime. 


  1. We have the Snowmen at Night book too and I never knew about the hidden pictures. After I read your post, I went and checked it out. Pretty cool!


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