Dear Blog,

I do like you.

You've served me well.

I write.  I ponder.  I worship.  I remember.

I post laughs, smiles, tears, triumphs and joy.

And I know I'll be doing it all again soon.  It's all saved in my head and heart.

To post here.


But lately, I like my Bible better than you.

I've been running to Jesus, instead of my ponderings.

My knees are bruised and worn.  My hands are held high.

I've come undone.

Glory, Glory , Glory! For He alone is holy.

Motherhood has me worn out.

Letting go of Big Boy to school has me in spirals.



And so I pour it out.  All out.

My heart.

Bleeding. Pain. Hopes.  Prayers. Fears.

Raining with desperation.

I sit.  I cry.  I read.

Greater is He that is in me. 
For He is close to the brokenhearted. 
He saves those who are crushed in spirit.  
He has given me divine power to demolish fortresses. 
I am blessed beyond comprehension. 
By His wounds, I am healed. 
Beauty from ashes. 

As the world offers more to hold onto, to hope in, to find satisfaction in, to grip to, to cling to, to control.

As the world offers more, my hands go up more.

Open. I give it back.

I give my hopes.  I give my boys.  I give my marriage.  I give my plans.  I give my desires.  I give my fears.  I give me.

For nothing good dwells in me.


Sorry, blog.  Like I said, I like you.

But my heart is elsewhere right now.

And it is good.

love julie.


  1. Yes, indeed. You are beautiful.

  2. Very well spoken. It is so comforting to pour out all our sorrows, frustrations, and fears to such a great God. Allowing our Creator Lord to have the rightful control of our lives and praising him for that freedom is really the only way to get through our days. Thank you for sharing this.


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