6 years.  It's been 6 years that Big Boy has been in the home....growing, learning, discovering.  It's been a gift.  A true gift to watch his giftings and strengths unfold right before our eyes, learning the wonder of his mind and the mystery of all that encompasses him.  The grand triumph to share in his story is he's taking a step onward, outward!  Big Boy had his first day of school EVER.

Nervous.  Excited.  Trusting.  Smiles.

He loved every minute of every aspect of going to school!  And it was amazing to watch his spirit drink it all up, with such appreciation for the whole experience.

Who knows what the future years bring, if school in a building will be long term for him or not.  Homeschooling has been amazing for allowing his childhood to be free and without rush of life.  But for today, this year, we know it is exactly what Big Boy needs.

This one big brave step.

Out of the nest he goes.

Sure glad he comes back every day at noon.


  1. oh man, that brought tears to my eyes! i'm so proud of your big boy and so inspired by you and beau. you're always so in tune with your kids and make great decisions to keep them at their best. good job, everyone! :)

  2. Your heart is so big, Jaima.

  3. Tears... smiles.... love! Side note, I love the other kids in the photo with B. Especially the little gal just hanging out with her head in her hands. Very very cute and comfortable. Agreed Jaima!

  4. Tears for me too! Wow, so proud of Big Boy and you too! Such a little man.So happy he is loving it:)


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