Road Trip Recap

We made it.  We traveled 8 states, over 2700 miles (1500 in 2 cars), visited family, ate tons of hamburgers and hot dogs, hit Ohio at the best week of weather ever, and made memories to last.  

We fished. 

Multiple times, we fished. 

We had snack time with great conversation. 

We hugged Grandpa, that is, Great Grandpa. 

We walked the path of Aunt Susie's Farm. We love her!

We sat on hay bales. 

We continued to tour the farm with our very big kind cousins.  Oh wait, we lost Little Boy.  He does not last long at the farm.  The boy and outdoors do not exactly mix when large animals, ragweed, and a rooster is involved.

We played with friends!  And felt sad we can't do it more often. 

We played with more friends!  And....again, felt sad with goodbyes. 

But we cheered up with a tractor ride. 

We visited Grandma and told her how beautiful she looked. 

We visited Great Grandpa, the oldest man I know at 97.  And told him how handsome he looks; and we also answered his many questions about being a pilot.  When I say 'we', I mean my husband.  I look like my Dad who looks like his Grandpa, can't you see the resemblance?

We visited another Grandpa!  

We climbed big rocks by a river in North Carolina. 
(we said goodbye to Ohio.)

We played in the river. 

LOTS of jumping in the river.  

(Rewind) We enjoyed every moment with parents who graciously hosted our family as we ran to and fro making all of our visits. 

We rode a canoe.  Again, notice Little Boy and his love of outdoor pursuits. 
Big boy I think is laughing with joy.  The Husband...calm as usual. 

Baby Boy waved at us. 

We jumped in a lake, daily!

We loved our North Carolina hosts, more gracious parents!  

And then there's us, we survived!  And still love each other.  

More than survived, we thrived!  We loved every moment of our trip.  It's a gift to our boys to share them with family and friends.  And to share with them the great state of Ohio, which we fell in love with all over again.  It always will be home in our hearts.


  1. love the overview...glad you had a great trip. boys are so cute...miss you guys lots.

  2. This post made me smile. We enjoyed every second of your Road Trip to North Carolina!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! Enjoyed reading about it and seeing the pictures!

  4. loved the recap. thankful your marathon trip went so well. you and all your boys are troopers!


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