in which I complain

Everytime I want to complain, I get over dramatic in my head and think of truly hurting people, babies who have not enough food, and the Fair Trade market I don't purchase from enough.  I think of how much more I could be doing with my life.  I think of the orphans that need adopted, the neighbor I didn't wave to, and the friend who needs my listening ear. 

And so I go quiet. 


And don't complain.

But today is not one of those moments.  Sorry, if you're hoping for introspective faith-filled thoughts of hope everlasting.  I would check back in another day, or look in my archive. 

My hope is not lost, it's bubbling up more than ever.  Scripture tells me He quiets me with Love and rejoices over me with His singing.  Isn't that lovely?  I'm so glad.  I could use a little quiet love and rejoicing through singing.  My intimacy with the Lord seems to overtake my spirit the most, it seems, when I just sit and let him know the woes and concerns of my heart.  He really just wants me.  All of me. 

Sadly, I can think He gets very impressed by my meal planning, organized toys, and clean children.  But I can't keep up.  And frankly, I think He's unimpressed.  We ate pancakes for dinner last night, Big Boy just inhaled a heavily filled high fructoce corn syrup popsicle, and our toys haven't been taken to their proper bins in quite a few days.  Baby Boy went in Home Depot this morning with no shoes. 

Oh well.

I needed all of Big Boy's muscles to help me push/pull our Home Depot cart because it was full of cases of bottled water AND I was carrying Little Boy (all 50lbs of him).  Why would I carry my large 4 year old?  And why would we need loads of bottled water? 

Oh, yes.  I'm suppose to be complaining.

Little Boy has a high fever.  Big Boy, too.  We need water because we are beginning to suspect our water well is contaminated due to the boys being continually sick ever since we moved in 6 months ago.

I didn't tell you?  Yes, every 2 weeks for the last 6 months it seems someone in our home is throwing up.  At first we blamed the moving  military monster.  He seems to show up during every transition to a new area, and everyone is sick.  But he never sticks around for 6 months, so we're beginning to grow concerned. 

After a trip to our county health department and a bill of $225 later, we are having our water tested.  Did you know that our county health department has a huge packed parking lot? Me neither.  I would've never imagined I was going to have to park in another county's parking lot to walk with all 3 of my children, 2 with fevers, across my county's parking lot, down a long hallway, to obtain their special 100mL container to test my water. 

And that was before the Home Depot trip.

Thankfully, as we were checking out, Little Boy insisted we buy a bag of chocolate covered pretzels.  He had to fight me on it.  But I finally gave in  quickly gave them to the cashier.  And so before the on ramp to our highway home, the 4 of us ate the entire bag. 

Somehow, we all arrived home happy...with chocolate covered faces. 

The Husband arrives home tonight from a short trip, and he will carry our concerns, give us hugs, and reclaim his hero spot. 

I really have nothing to complain about, but I'm glad He listens when I do.


  1. I pray that you find answers quickly to what is making your boys so sick :( That is just awful. Praying for healing over everyone!!

  2. Julz I am sorry you all are still getting sick. I can only imagine...I'll be continuing to pray for quick answers.
    Good call on the chocolate pretzels:)
    love you sweet friend.

  3. Yikes! Contaminated water - that would certainly be a horrid situation. I hope you all feel better soon!

  4. it is OKAY to let things slide and be in the moment with your three boys when they need their momma. so sorry that you are going through a time where you might have a solution to colds- lets hope you can fix it quick when you find out!

  5. That is complaint worthy!


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