When Little Boy Prays

he speaks softly, with expectation and sure faith that His Creator is listening.

he jumps from thought to thought, completely unaware to the listener of where he's headed next.

he thinks of others.

he simply talks

to God

because He's always listening.

Dear God
Thank you for our day. Thank you for our night. Help us have a good day.  Thank you for Big Boy, Baby boy, Mommy and me.  Thank you for Daddy.  Be with Daddy on his work trip and bring him back safe.  Please God help all these flies get out of our house.  Thank you for your Holy Spirit.  Thank you for my food, God.  Thank you for our church and help it be gooder. Please God, help all mean people be nice people. I love you God. Amen. 

....when Little Boy prays.


  1. I really admire the way you interact with your boys. Joe & Connie gave our little one the Jesus Storybook Bible for her birthday this year, and it has ministered to me so much... we love reading it together. Sounds like you've found a keeper in that 2nd one. We'll have to look at that as G gets bigger.
    I'm really glad you found a church too... what a wonderful summer this will be!

  2. I love when you watch little boy pray. He closes his eyes real real tight! He is sincere and means every single word! I am a blessed Mamma to be able to be a part of my grandons prayer life!


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