I was sitting in the rocking chair.  The rocking chair that was placed in his blue nursery because I noticed all baby rooms had rocking chairs.  He was still in his car seat, on the floor, right in front of me.  Looking back at me, screaming.  I called my sister in law, my sister in law who's been like my big sister since I was 15.  She answered, asked how things were going.  "Not good," I said.  "He's crying and I have no idea what to do." 

And so, motherhood began. 

Six years ago.

What a delight!  Big Boy is six years old.

To gain a small glimpse into our wonderfully crafted Big Boy, you might want to know that he commonly starts his day with questions.  Me, still choosing cereal, dying for a glass of OJ, and not one for morning conversation.  Him, Big Boy....sitting, eating his cereal, with zero hesitaiton says, "Did you know the heart of a whale can be as large as a cow?!" 

And so the day begins with Big Boy.

He's smart, but very unaware of it.  He's quiet to strangers, but extremely loyal and talkative to those he cherishes most.  He found a snake just this morning, and with the excitement he came bursting in the house to shout the news, one would think of much greater jackpots to be found.  For him, a snake.  What a jackpot!  He observes everything.  If something in our home is lost, ask Big Boy.  He will know without hesitation.  If he starts his sentence, "Did you see.....?"  And I didn't see it.  I have no doubt whatever 'it' was, actually did happen or did exist.  I just missed it.  But Big Boy saw it. 

Just the other day he told me about the house he wants to live in when he grows up.  He first informed me that it would have a gun room.  He would hunt deer, birds, rabbit...ya know, everything.  All of his tables would be made out of dino bones from his archaeological missions.  And his couch would have blankets on it made of animal fur, rugs made of their skin.  He will live on lots of land with a tractor, and a few large diesel trucks.  He will also camp often and roast marshmallows. 

Obviously, he will be signed up for Boy Scouts soon. 

He's recently fallen in love with soccer and can still ride a bike with extreme core balance and bravery.  He takes peanuts to the park to catch squirrels and wants to bring a flashlight next time to search for toads under rocks. 

He keeps asking for a cat, bunny, and 4 dogs. 

We have a fish.

Indeed, Big Boy,  you are six years old and I can hardly contain my excitement and anticipation to know where your life is headed.  It will certainly be full of adventures.  And most of all, I hope it's full of knowing the Creator who so beautifully not only formed you, but just by His words created all that nature holds.  All the creation you love and adore. 

Happy Birthday, Big Boy!


  1. Happy Birthday, Big Boy! We miss your imagination and stories around here!

  2. Love Love Love that Big Boy of yours! Every little detail about him! The long conversations on the phone and the picture of "his stick"! Thanks for the new post Julz... as always I love reading your post!

  3. Happy Birthday Big Boy from a friend in Maine that you have long forgotten, but who prays for you and is thankful that God crossed our paths for a short time. You are truly a gift from our good God!

  4. ahhhh, thanks Amy. I still show the boys pics of you and their early life in Maine.

  5. This post makes me weepy. I don't even know him personally, but what a joy he is, and you're a fantastic mom who cherishes him and sees/embraces his unique gifts. What a treasure he is to your family. Happy birthday!


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