Now, I love them!

I've been sorting through pics from last summer, finally trying to create a photo book of them.  I came across these and just smiled as I browsed through the whole folder from this day.  There's not one good pic of all 3 boys I found in the folder.  I remember the day.  I was determined to grab a shot of all the boys together.  As you can see, I even let them go shirt less and drag our kitchen chairs outside.  But really, no shot was to be had.  I was frustrated.  And them?  They loved it.  Laughed.  Played.  And now, I look at these pics and could frame every single one for our family wall.  I can hear their laughter through them and just love them to pieces. 


  1. I love them! Especially the one where E is screaming his head off. B and L's faces are great!


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