We Celebrate Little Boy!

Today, Little Boy turns four years old.  We celebrate his bravery in being the middle boy.  He's constantly pulled in each direction to be a big boy for his baby brother, and other times he's reminded of ways he's still so little compared to his big brother.  We celebrate your bravery, Little Boy!

We celebrate his pure joy and love of life.  He's flexible with change, loves to look for an opportunity to laugh, and is quick to include others.  Our dinner table has more laughter because of Little Boy.  Our hearts are lighter and we feel privileged to shepherd his spirit of joy and light.  Your name means bringer of light, and yes indeed, Little Boy, we celebrate your light!

We celebrate his ability to try new things.  We celebrate his quick hand to reach out and help Baby Boy when he falls down.  We celebrate his sharing heart.  We celebrate his gifting with words and communicating to others. 

We look so forward to this next year.  These past couple weeks, we see a new searching within his mind and heart as he is defining himself even more.  We pray, above all else, that this next year will bring him closer to trusting Jesus and knowing his signifance and hope can be found only in his Creator. 

We celebrate YOU, Little Boy.  Happy Birthday!


  1. How did I not know he and Liliana share a birthday? Happy day to him as you celebrate year #4 with your boy #2!

  2. You can't help but Love that little boy! Celebrate and know that we wish we could be there in person to be a part of the celebration.

  3. Oh Happy Birthday!! We thought about that adorable little boy yesterday, just never made it to the phone. :(


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