ReThink: A Blogference

What in the world is a blogference?

Ya know, when you go to conferences and hear thought provoking speakers, ponder what they say, and then leave the conference room but really wish you could ask that speaker some questions.  But you don't.  You can't.  Instead, you must go look for food.  Because all conference schedules don't have enough time for you to eat.  Run.  So you must run out of the convention center and find some food.  Then run.  Run back to the convention center for the next speaker.  Then sleep.  Go sleep in that hotel bed.  And all the while, you still really wish you could ask that speaker some questions, but you don't.  You can't.  You're hungry and tired and aren't even sure if you remember what that speaker was talking about.

A blogference is just like that, minus everything, except the opportunity to hear thought provoking speakers.  Attend a blogference, and you read thought provoking authors.  Attend a blogference, and you can eat while you read, on your time, sitting at your computer.  Or at a coffee shop.  And you can ask those questions.  Just make a comment.  The author will comment back.

Sounds like a great time to me!

Never been to a blogference?  Me neither.  But I am an author at one this week.  My post goes up on Wednesday.  It's about motherhood, more or less.  There are 15 authors, 5 topics. 

Attend, read, ponder, and comment. 

Details!  You'll need to click HERE to attend.  The posts go up Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Simple.  Blogferences. I think I'll like it. 


  1. So, how is it going? I looked at the site, I will look again tomorrow. Proud of you and your growth as a woman, mother, wife and your heart.

  2. Love the way you describe it! Very well put. Excited to see how God will use you in this. So very excited!

  3. I never knew! I'll be tuning in! :)


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