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I'm parenting solo, at least in physical form, for a month.  It's going fantastic so far.  This is our first time apart in 3plus years, and our last time apart was for 4 or 5 months.  I'm amazed at how mentally better I'm able to keep my game face on with the boys knowing it's only for a month riding solo.  And in the end, I've just been overflowing with gratefulness lately that my husband even has a job.  A great job with real security, and he loves to go to work most of the days.  Really, thankful.

We had taco night.  The best, I love taco night.  Little Boy calls tortillas, "turkeys".  Seriously.  So he says, "Can I have another turkey to make my taco, please?"  He also says laps, instead of lap.....as in, "Mama, can I sit in your laps?"  I mean, I have to say yes everytime.  "Yes, baby.  You can sit in my laps."

Big Boy has been reading Baby Boy books at bedtime and it is darn cute. 

We had a playdate today at a hip organic restaurant full of outdoor seating and a park, but we brought our own lunches and just took in the atmosphere.  It was lovely.  And to top it off, there must've been some playdate group of mommas who have adopted children.  Everywhere.  It was a multiculture celebration of love, joy, and laughter.  I was teary eyed watching the whole relational thing unfold. 

I have little goals written on a post-it for myself.  They're stuck to my kitchen cupboard.  They're things I must do in order to bless my boys with a happy Momma, who is solo parenting.  They range from getting out of bed before them to taking everyone out of the house every single day to keeping that dishwasher unloaded for pete's sake. 

Big Boy had soccer practice tonight.  It was great.  He's great.  It is an honor to watch him explode in confidence, character, and enjoying his life.  All without me, and I love that. 

I'm an Idol fan this season.  Haven't watched it for many many years, cause it seemed to get weird there for awhile. But this year, I gave it a chance and I've loved every minute of it.  I mean, I would see them on tour.  Just sayin'. 

Yes, with no doubt in my tired mind, this is the least insightful post I've done.  But this is my life and one day I want to publish my blogs in hard bound books on blurb.  Have you done that?  And when that day comes, I'll want to remember these little musings of my everyday beautiful life. 


  1. Jula, I LOVE reading your thoughts and musings..and love seeing those sweet faces. I am so, so proud of you.
    Love and an BIG hug,
    Mama M

  2. :) Always enjoy the read. Always enjoy your musings! You are the best "blogger".

  3. We're enjoying Idol as well--big Crystal Bowersox fans!

    LOVE post-it notes! You will find them on my microwave, inside the kitchen cabinets, on the dash of my suburban...


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