5 on Friday

1.  We celebrated Easter!  My favorite day of celebration.  I love what the weather is doing.  I love the meditative thoughts toward the death and resurrection of Jesus.  I love to know He battled death and won.  Our celebration was full of week long activities with eggs, Bible reading, running in the sun, and enjoying a friend to visit...
2.  We had a visitor the last couple days:  Ms. Amanda, or as Little Boy called her, Ms. Amandy-bandy.  He loves giving those he loves nicknames.  And he, himself, carries the most nicknames in our family.  Back to our visitor, she's a dear old friend of mine from college who is a blessing to my life.  I consider her a sister.  My boys have grown attached to her as she visits us each year around this time.  She's fun.  She's compassionate.  She is missed already.  Thanks for visiting Ms. Amandy!
3. We get grass next week!  Wahoo! Holla, holler up in here.  We've been living on an acre of dirt since we moved in and it has been messy.  I open our windows and dirt blows in, the boys play outside and bring dirt in, we've all ruined at least a couple pair of shoes, and it's, well, dirty.  Of course, the boys, are no different either way.  If they had their choice, they much prefer the dirt.  But warm weather has arrived and with it, for us, comes some grass to run in!
4. We've been doing all sorts of Birthday talk around here, Little Boy is almost 4!  He could not be more thrilled about this celebration.  It all begins next week!
5.  Perhaps you too are warm in your heart at moments with your little ones.  Moments that are completely boring to others, but bring joy to you.  Here's my moment: 

That's Little Boy's room.  That's how he has rest time every afternoon: a gate, free reign of the CD player, lots of books, toys, and his bed if he chooses to lay down. See that small man atop his gate, that's Bob the Builder.  I have no idea why he's there, but it warmed my spirit to know Little Boy's fingers placed him gently there. And there he stood for his 2 hour rest time. 

May your weekend be full of little moments!


  1. Another Great Post!!! One of my favorites! Bob the Builder.... just melts my heart. Little hands in Easter Egg Cups. Friends getting their nose beeped. Thanks for sharing your days.

  2. Love that Amanda came to visit you! So fun for everyone. And I can't believe Little Boy will be 4...and I haven't seen him since he was in your belly. Happy celebrating!

  3. I miss those little moments! Oh, I still have little moments but not so much anymore the sort which are inspired by little boys...they grow up so fast!

  4. Loved every minute of it!


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