Lots of Reasons I Haven't Been Blogging

1. We've been sick. Almost better. Then sick again. Almost better. Then just plain sick. Going on 6 weeks now. I even finally broke down and took everyone to the doctor. They all checked out healthy, just sick. She gave me a prescription to help the symptoms, which I for the first time followed through and gave to everyone. 12 hours later, Little Boy and Baby Boy were up all night with insomnia due to the meds. Needless to say, I called the doctor and informed her we will be stopping this medicine which she agreed on as a plan confirming they really are healthy and just need to ride out the germs attacking us in our new location.

2. I've been cleaning urine. I mean, how much urine can 3 boys produce around a toilet is clearly amazing to me. But I clean that toilet every night during bath time, and it still stinks.

3. We've been driving. It takes on average about 30 minutes to get most places from our house, aside from our lovely country library and park. Add another 30 minutes of time it takes to convince all little people to scurry over to the shoe bin, grab coats, and buckle belts. We spend lots of time in the car and preparing to get in the car. Though we've yet to make it many places on time yet. Just the other day I missed a class at the Y cause all along I was mentally planning to leave 15 minutes early. Doesn't cut it here.

4. We've been smiling politely at a rude bitter woman who thought it was her duty to inform us of her opinion on the behavior of our boys in public. "Thank you, ma'am. My boys do just fine in public." Fortunately for you, rude woman, I have no inner need to impress you. I once did. I served the invisible public outing god quite frequently. Now, I require respectful hearts but not impressive shows for onlookers we know not. And at times, when I know my boys have had enough stress on their short precious lives, I do declare freedom and let them out of their seats at the restaurant. Laughing. Smiling. With new friends. That's what I noticed, pay no attention to the rude bitter woman in the corner.

5. We've been researching summer activities. We're seeing more and more why Texas natives have never left the state. There are loads of activities for us to pursue all summer, all within a 60 mile radius.

6. I've been painting. I love painting. Painting walls. Painting canvas. It thrills me just to look at a color wheel and observe the beauty and vibrancy. I've completely redone the wall art going in Baby Boy's room. I didn't like where I was headed with it, and now I think my soul is awakened when looking at it. I'll be sure to post the finished product, again. I've also been painting a shelf for Big Boy and Little Boy's room: gecko green. Just sounds exciting!?

7. We've been praying and listening for God's heart on Big Boy's schooling next Fall. He'll be 6 in late May and up until now has been 100% schooled at home. Since we've been in our new location, he's been taking a science class at a local co-op center which has been the highlight of his week. We're sensing a shift and looking at our options for his next step.

8. We've been soaking up the sunshine and lovely days. We stomped through snow just a month ago, and now it is 60 and sunny out. Such a lovely climate to enjoy, although I'm sure the 105 degree days in August with no wind from the ocean will be suffocating.

9. I've been taking deep breaths hoping to inhale patience and more smiles in mothering my boys. Just today I cleaned mud off my wall that was put there by my boys' feet upon seeing the large amount of mud on their shoes, they deemed the best option was to kick the wall hoping the mud would fall off.

10. We've been at soccer games and soccer practices. Big Boy is doing great. He enjoys practices more than games, but last week at the game he dribbled the ball down the entire length of the field...twice! He flashed us a huge grin all the while doing it. After the game, he told us he's definitely ready for the next game. We see his soccer skills come out more as his social nervousness disappears. He was a little overwhelmed at the first game with spectators and deeply concerned that other moms knew his name. It's been a great experience and everything we've hoped for: fun, skill focused, non-competitive, and fun!






  1. Can't wait to see what you have done with the artwork! I loved this post...then I got all the way down to the pictures, and my heart just melted. The soccer uniform! The smiles! The memories in the making. Then the binoculars! I love those boys! Thanks so much for your heart and for this blog!


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