That's what we call him. Our Baby Boy. He's such a buster. Toddling around, beginning to run but doesn't move his arms. Follows his brothers everywhere. Still doesn't say much, but is certainly aware of all that is going on around him. And is no doubt aware that he is a buster!

Much of his cute moments come from mirroring his brothers, especially Big Boy. Just the other day we had all 3 at the doctors. Big Boy was examined. Then Little Boy. Then I sat Baby Boy on the table and the moment his bottom plopped down, his mouth opened, tongue out and he gave out a big "ahhhhh." Like I said, a real buster.

He wants to be big, but he's still very much small. He wants to climb, but he really just cannot. He wants to sit at the big table only using adult silverware, but it really is messy. He loves to play Connect Four, but really has no idea what exactly it is he's doing. He loves to stand and pee in the potty, but is quite far from being potty trained. He can stand up great on a Razor scooter sporting a helmet, but has no inclination to actually move forward.

He spends all day long trying to be big. To us, he's wonderfully cute. And as the day ends, he has just no energy left at his attempts toward boyhood. He chooses the baby life. Paci in mouth, blanket in hand, snuggled in his crib.

Another attempt at it all tomorrow!


  1. Wow, how different that is in comparison to your Big Boy, who never had 2 older brothers to copy and watch... :)


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